Understanding the Conveyancing Process

Shortly after a property goes under contract and title insurance is ordered, the “conveyancing” process begins.  Conveyancing involves ordering the necessary certifications and documents to ensure that ownership is fully transferrable on settlement day; this includes things like sewer certs, tax certs, water certs and mortgage payoffs. This stage involves a lot of nuanced paperwork and close communication with local municipalities and authorities to determine which certifications will be required.

Conveyancing is typically completed either by a listing agent’s team member (some real estate offices have their own conveyancers) and other times it’s completed by the title insurance company.  Security Abstract has a team of experienced, professional conveyancers with more than 20 years of experience.  If choosing to use Security Abstract to complete conveyancing, a standard fee of $195 will be assessed to the seller on settlement day.  Occasionally, conveyancing-related matters can become exceptionally complicated due to things including unsatisfied past mortgages, estate and inheritance-tax related issues, judgments and liens.  In these cases, Security Abstract reserves the right to assess additional conveyancing fees; if this should occur, the seller and their representative will receive prior notification.

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